7 Days of Positive Thoughts – Day 6

Almost nearing the end of the 7 days!


Day 6 Positive Thought:  When people band together towards a goal, they can do amazing things.


Today, I participated in one of the Out of the Darkness walks that are put on by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  It is a sobering event to participate in because, as you stand in a crowd of hundreds of people, you realize that most everyone there has lost someone to suicide.

The fact that there were hundreds of people is sad.  At the same time, it is encouraging to see so many people support a cause that is often surrounded by awkwardness and overtones of shame (though it should not be).  By banding together, everyone at the walk I went to raised close to $50,000.  That is money that will go toward raising awareness and providing resources for people at risk.  It is incredible that shared tragedies can spur this much action.  That is really the beauty of the human spirit, isn’t it?


So, the Day 6 post is going to contain a bonus.  I am also going to list some things from my day that reminded me life is worth living:

  • People singing openly in a crowd, albeit potentially embarrassing, is an act of pure joy.
  • Running is starting to be fun.  Especially when running away from the joyous singers.
  • I love my running pants.  I never want to take them off.
  • Fair food is awesome.
  • Fair food is awesome. (so nice I said it twice)
  • Animals are cute.  Baby animals are off the charts cute.
  • Watching little kids watch animals reminds you of what it’s like to just live in a constant state of wonder.
  • Napping with my cats is the best thing ever.



still makes me laugh…

This photo is years old, and everyone I know has seen it, but it still makes me laugh.  I love love love it.  If you knew this cat’s personality, you could appreciate it more, because what was most likely going through his head at that moment was:

“Is it behind me?  It’s behind me, isn’t it?  Are you taking a picture of it?  Don’t do that.  You might anger it and this tub is the only safe place I have left.  Has it moved?  Is it moving?  Why aren’t you done?  You’re taking too long and NOW IT IS GOING TO GET ME.”


I guess it takes a genius to thwart a veterinarian

You need to go back and read this entry here.  It’s about the Liars Who Lie A Lot with Their Lies at my vet’s office.


Once you have read that, this will make sense and will display the full genius that is me:



Suck on that, liars.

liar, liar, pants on fire

I have a cat (his name is Don Vito).  He is made of gold.  Not really, but he might as well be because he’s had 4 surgeries over the last several years and I am still paying that shit off.  So, if Vito is reading this…..  YOU HAD BETTER LIVE FOREVER.

On top of that, I have to feed him special food for the rest of his life.  Which means his problem-free brother Santino also gets special food for the rest of his life.  I get this food from my vets office.  Which means it costs a kajillion dollars.

Which is why this story really pisses me off…


My vet’s office totally lied to me yesterday. I called to tell them I was going to pick up some food. You know, Vito’s PRESCRIPTION food. And the girl who answered said this (word for word):

“We’ll sell you a bag today. But going forward…and I am so sorry…this is NOT us….this is what the food manufacturer is asking…you will need to bring your cat in for an annual exam to get the food.”

I asked her the name of the food manufacturer (Royal Canin), thanked her, and hung up. Then, I promptly called Royal Canin myself and asked them if this was true.




Of course, Royal Canin was like, “uh…no…we don’t even directly distribute to vets. They can sell the food to whoever they want – that’s their call.”

Called my vets office. Got the same girl. I said, “Hey, remember how you said that Royal Canin told you I can’t buy food until I come in with my cat? I called them and that’s not true.”

So, then she starts giving me the whole “well, it is PRESCRIPTION food” crap. And I was like, “I get that. But let’s be real clear – this is YOUR policy, not the food manufacturer’s policy.”




I also got this ridiculous “well, in order for the vet to RENEW the prescription, you have to come in”. And I’m all, “I had no idea those prescriptions EXPIRED”. (Which I doubt they do, because I have not been there in 4 years yet Vito still gets that food.)

So, I got a bag but the next time I want one, I’ll have to bring Vito in. I told them that it was ridiculous for me to have to bring in a cat who never leaves the house and spend money to get all this crap done. She was all, “the exam is only $42”. So, she said they could sign something that says that is all it will cost me. So, I might do it.

But I am still mad they lied.