7 Days of Positive Thoughts – Day 1

I was a stronger person when I was 18 years old.  Seriously.

When I was 18, I did not know enough yet to fear the outcome of things.  I expected the best so I was not hesitant and doggedly forged ahead.  This meant that, more often than not, the best actually happened.

Time goes by, and I am bogged down by repeated disappointments and the expectation that bad things will happen.  And this is perhaps my biggest problem.


For the next 7 days, including today, I am going to think like my 18 year old self and find the positive side of my day.  Even if it is something small, I am going to embrace it – I am going to clutch onto it like it’s a French Toast and Bacon cupcake.


So, bring on the feel-good stuff!  I’m ready!


Day 1 Positive Thought:  Everyone loves cheesy Halloween stuff, especially my mom.


I have to send a package to my mom, so I decided to find a couple of Halloween doo-dads to send along as well.  Enter Big Lots.

I found two things:

1) A pair of eyeballs that are attached to a suction cup so they can be hung in your window.  The “ON” switch turns them into lighted beacons of multi-colored doom!  I hope it scares the candy right out of the trick-or-treaters!

2) A mummy candle holder that holds a tealight.  I wrote a note to my mom stating that I got her a mummy candle holder because she’s my “mummy”.  Get it?  *chortle chortle*



Find your positive thought today!




Not sure what’s up with my title for this entry, and it has no relevance to this particular Halloween, but I like it.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I wanted to write an entry about it.  But I realized that now that I am…ahem…almost…. MIDDLE AGED….my Halloweens are less exciting and revolve less around extreme scares and more around getting some great decorations from Target – ON SALE.

My Halloween started about a month ago when I bought a bag of candy corn.  Candy corn is my favorite thing about Halloween.  And I was convinced that one could only find candy corn during Halloween, until my mom proved me wrong by mailing me a dusty bag of stale candy corn in May, claiming she found it at the grocery store’s sale bin.  Thanks, mom!

This Halloween, I ate candy corn, decorated my home, wore a costume to a party, and watched trick or treaters at a friend’s house.  I was so festive and wholesome, it makes me gag a little.  To the contrary, on Sunday (Halloween and the day after the party) I did not feel well because I think my body was like, “please, stop with the candy and booze….and while you’re at it, you are lactose intolerant so stop trying to deny it”.

Completely unrelated:  candy corn + milk = yummmmmmmm

I also spent this Halloween boxing up the “memorabilia” (if you will) of a long relationship that ended.  No, the ubiquitous holiday images of knives and blood did NOT spur on this activity.  Nope.  😉  What did spur it on was the need to start letting go.  Another reason why I think Halloween is awesome?  Costumes.  Costumes that turn you into someone or something else.  And this year I needed to get away from myself for a bit.

I decided to be Medusa.  I think it came out pretty good – people liked it and I felt festive.  Too bad I could not master that “turning men to stone” thing…