7 Days of Positive Thoughts – Day 4

Okay, so Day 4 was yesterday.  I sat down to post and then got sucked into doing something else on the internet (big surprise) but then woke up at 3am this morning thinking “oh no, I forgot to post” and here I am.  Stop pressuring me!


Day 4 Positive Thought:  Books are entertaining and don’t require a cable subscription or Wifi (unless you are using an ereader, but really, you can use Wifi at the coffee shop).


I love reading and I have always loved reading.  From the time I was a wee thing and my mom would plop me in bed with a pile of pop-up books to now: an adult who makes sure to always buy a purse that is big enough to carry a book in it.

Yes, I usually carry a book in my purse wherever I go.  This is not, in any way, an attempt to convince people I am extraordinarily intelligent.  (I will do that in conversation. *wink wink*)  Rather, I do this because if the chance to immerse myself in a book presents itself, anywhere or anytime, I am ready.  It’s survival.


What I like most about books is that there are no limits.  There are no limits to what you can read or envision in your head while you’re reading.  And when you have found a really good book – one you can’t put down – it’s more thrilling than any TV show or movie.


Whether you read on an electronic device, or read the old fashioned thing with pages (as I do), go read a book.  Now.  You won’t regret it.


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