Potty Mouth (per usual)

When I took a hiatus from Facebook, it was for many reasons.  One of those reasons was the close scrutiny of family members.  One thing I would never do is “edit” who viewed my stuff.  If I am friends with someone on Facebook, they see everything.  So, I am back on Facebook and have managed to avoid any drama.  I almost forgot about the scrutiny bit…


Conversation today between me and my father:

Dad: “I catch hell from your grandmother every time one of you uses bad language – you and your brothers.”

Me: “Yeah, I use bad language.”


*Note: Now I have to resist the urge to post the following update: Fuckity shit dick.  Thanks, Dad.


Me: “Even though I could hide it from her, I don’t.”

Dad: “And, sometimes, it’s one of your cousins posting something as a quote from your brother but your brother did not even say it.”

Me: “Yeah, I actually swear a lot.”

Dad: “Yeah…like, did you see the picture of your brother wearing a thong and bikini top?”

Me: “Yes.  That was, actually, quite disturbing.”

Dad: (chuckles) “Yeah, she didn’t like that one.  But, you know, that’s…him.”


I love how, in my family, all you need to do is be the least offensive one and you’re good.


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