2012 is here and I plan to beat the mofo

Here are my 2012 New Year’s resolutions:

1) Make New Year’s resolutions earlier than the end of January.

2) Get off my fat ass and exercise regularly – and “regularly” is defined as something more than once every 6 months.

3) Finally, in my heart, forgive my ex for treating me like a 2 bit whore when we were together and never apologizing for it.  It’s time.

4) Avoid being negative – this includes naysaying when people tell me things and commenting on people’s situations without being asked.  I have it in me to be like this and I abhor this behavior.  In anyone.

5) Delve back into photography.  No grandiose plan to prove this – I just want to have fun with it again.

6) Make a solid plan for the future.  Career and/or living changes are in order.


Okay, that’s enough.  I am exhausted just thinking about the level of effort I will need to put forth.

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