I be smaht.

So (for anyone who cares), I have a college degree.  I have a BA in Sociology.  You’re probably thinking, “Whoop-de-fucking-doo”, but I do have a point so bear with me.

I am glad I have a degree.  I don’t agree with people who think they are not useful if you don’t get a job in the field you studied.  I think the wherewithal it takes to get a degree says something about an individual’s ability to be successful in life.  Forget the job stuff.  If you hang in and do the work and walk away with a degree, then you have proven you can stick with terrible tasks to achieve a goal.

Nevertheless, I sometimes wonder how much you retain from college as life goes on.  For example, today I found these two college papers in some boxes in storage…


In case you can’t read it, the above paper is called “Ain’t No Makin’ It – Leveled Aspirations in a Low-Income Neighborhood: Social Reproduction through Achievement Ideology”.


OK, the first part is a book title: Ain’t No Makin’ It – Leveled Aspirations in a Low-Income Neighborhood

The second part is (I assume) what I was learning in a class at the time.


Wait…  Was… I…SMART?


It almost sounds like I was, but, honestly, if you asked me right now what that meant, I’d have to ask you to repeat it seven times so I could absorb all the multi-syllabic words.

And this…

no clue

This paper is titled “Methodological Critique: Structural-Marxist Theory”.


“LMAO” does not begin to cover it because, when I read that title, it was sort of like reading a different language.  I am sure I knew what it meant then (didn’t I?), but now it seems like it would have had to be written by someone who sits in a coffee shop perusing her laptop on wifi and studying Nietzsche for fun.


Holy shit.  It’s amazing to think I once wrote shit like that.  Now I write shit like this blog.  Yay me.

well, I can


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