it feels like the Dark Ages…

Up here in the Northeast, we had this bizarre and massive snowstorm.  In October.  In OCTOBER.  And it took out trees and power lines and shit.

The mechanics of it are thus:   Heavy snow (10-12 inches in some places) + trees that still have leaves to collect snow and are not cold enough to be sturdier = DEVASTATION.

I lost power for about 18 hours – which is surprising since I live near a police station, a nursing home, AND a prison.  The trifecta of places you don’t want to lose power.

I have power now but am still without cable (which, for those of us stupid enough to put all our eggs in the Comcast basket, also means no internet or phone).  This is why my follow up post about the wedding is delayed.

Just another Sunday in New England.


P.S. While I was writing this, I choked on some edamame and coughed bits of soy bean at my computer screen.  My thoughts may be a bit disjointed from the distraction.


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