Emily Post ain’t got nothing on my ma.

Some of you may recall that in this post (towards the end) I illustrated the quirkiness of conversations with my mother.  She definitely has a unique take on things.

Here’s yesterday’s conversation:

Me: You do remember I am away this weekend for the wedding, right?

Mom: Oh, yes.  Tell [the bride] I said hello.  (Pause)  But don’t tell her congratulations.  You’re not supposed to say that to the bride.  You’re supposed to say “best wishes”.

Me: Really?

Mom: You can say it to the groom.  Congratulations because he “caught” the woman.

Me: But you don’t say it to the bride?

Mom: No.  Because it implies “congratulations, you finally caught yourself a man”.


And now, I feel like, if I ever get married, there will be loads of people congratulating me.


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