And the potty mouth continues…

I have wicked potty mouth, as evidenced by my recent camping trip.

I also have friends with wicked potty mouth.  And sometimes we wickedly spew nasty words at each other.  I love my friends.

Today’s email conversation between me and my two friends (let’s call them M and H)….


Me (referring to my new glasses):  What you can’t see is the sides.  And they are pink inside!
H:  I could say something raunchy here…
Me:  Something raunchy?  Like something about my vag?  The pink?  What?
H:  Yep.  But I didn’t.  You said vag.  Haha haha haha
M:  oh dear…
Me:  Dude, the word “pink” made you think of a vag?
That’s effed up.
H:  Your face is f’d up
M:  LMAO…again
Me:  My face might be f’d up, but your face looks like a vag.
M:  LMAO!!!!!!  again and again!!
H:  I’m going to pass out into my keyboard.  Wouldn’t that be funny if I actually did… and then slept like that for a half-hour or so and woke up with keyboard imprints on my face??!!
H:  Must be my voluptuous lips that remind you of the vulva.  Euwww… that even grossed me out.
Me:  Lips are the LABIA.  Idiot.
Me:  You’re not really an idiot…………………………………………………………Except when it comes to vag’s.
M:  I am going to pee my pants
(Long Pause)
Me:  Uh oh.  H is gone.
Maybe she did fall asleep on her keyboard.  People will walk by and be like, “why is there a big ole vag on that keyboard?”
M:  OMG……wheezing laugh (because I am trying to be quiet)
omg, omg, omg……LOL
(Really Long Pause)
H:  So. Could today drag on any more slowly?
:  I bet it could, Vag-Face.
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