oh, sriracha…why ya gotta be like that? (aka foods that hurt me)

A partial list of foods that hurt my body somehow:

Corn (we all know why)

Iceburg lettuce (the worst of the lettuces…evidently, due to its high water content, it decomposes in your digestive system…and then…it acts like corn)

Raw onions and peppers (only raw – give me headaches….what is the ingredient that somehow disappears when they are cooked??)

Spicy things (sriracha, stop burning my body from the inside out!)

Newcastle beer (I don’t even like this beer, but I found out several years ago that something in it does not agree with me – and must exit my body RIGHT AWAY)

Dairy products (I am lactose intolerant, and yet that does not stop me from consuming milk, ice cream, cheese, and… basically anything squeezed out of a cow’s udder)

Raisins (for those who know me, this is purely psychological – they FUCK WITH MY MIND!)



Post a comment about a food that hurts you.

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