Why It Sucks to be a Girl

Yesterday was a big meeting in our Boston location.  Fancy shmancy, hoity toity.  And I generally felt out of place.

Anyway, I had one horrifying moment…  I stuck a pad (you know, a PAD) inside (what I thought was) the pocket of my suit jacket.  Then I walked through the room of crowded people and went to the bathroom.  As I was sitting on the toilet I reached into my pocket – NO PAD.  Holy hell.

I had a few terrifying moments where I thought, “oh, my sweet Jesus, I dropped my pad in the middle of a giant room full of co-workers”.  I had visions of myself having to walk back in and see it lying on the floor in between everyone’s feet.  Where it would have stayed, by the way, because I was not going to even acknowledge its existence.

But then, I could feel the pad under the liner of my jacket.  What I had actually done was stuck it under the jacket in the side of the liner (where it also could have easily dropped out but miraculously did not).  Talk about almost having a nervous breakdown.

I hate being a girl.

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  1. Gigs

     /  February 22, 2011

    At first, I read this and thought, ‘an iPad?” Can those fit in your pocket? Your only real concern about dropping it would have been someone stealing it. And the whole iPad story made sense when you said you were looking for it in the bathroom – so you could read. Alas, this story had a far more bloody conclusion…


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