How Comcast Made Me Its Bitch

Yesterday, I called up Comcast and when asked “how they could help me” I simply replied, “I want to reduce my bill”.

I have the triple play thingy with Comcast.  That essentially means that Comcast has control over every single way I have contact with the outside world from my home.  At any moment, they could decide to rip away my cable and internet and disable my land line.  Not that they would arbitrarily do such a thing.  But it’s possible.

It’s also unnerving to think that a company like this can essentially buy the airwaves around your home and monopolize that service.  Some people can get things like Direct TV, etc, but only if you have the setup to do so.  And my condos don’t.

Oddly, when I asked to reduce my bill, they obligingly removed $20.  It sounds really generous until you realize that my bill was already $149, and that they probably offer this as a package anyway…AND when I first started the triple play it was $99 – the golden age of my life with Comcast, never to be repeated.  But, ok.  $20 is $20.

I told someone at work about this, and his response was, “Of course they did that!  They want to keep you as a customer!”

That makes sense… If you are talking about a company that must earn your business in a competitive market.  I discovered several years ago that when dealing with a company that gets your business by default (Comcast), they actually don’t care if they have your business.

I was living in an apartment when I told Comcast, “I am so dissatisfied that unless you do something to please me then I am going to terminate my service”.  Comcast essentially said, “Go right ahead, ma’am”.  So, I did.

For 3 months, I lived like those people that annoyingly tell you they don’t own a television or only watch PBS.  In other words, badly.  Bored out of my freakin’ SKULL.  I joined netflix, watched a lot of movies, watched the local channel a lot (where I developed my love for Fritz Wetherbee), and knitted.  I watched “Lost”, but only because it was one of the shows on my single channel.  I got CSI episodes on netflix and pretended I had regular TV.

Then one day it hit me.

The only person I was punishing with my stubbornness was… ME.

I begrudgingly got Comcast again.  It felt like a relationship where you have a fight, and you still feel awkward and bitter, but you just carry on as if nothing had ever happened.

So, yeah.  I kind of feel like the $20 was the least they could do.

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