And don’t think I don’t know that this makes no difference in the grand scheme of things…

I am my own advocate in life.  I have to be.  I live alone…I am on my own.

So, I tend to speak out against injustice.  Loudly.

Today, I tried to get gas and had a bit of a session in schooling someone on justice.  You see, I pulled into a near empty gas station to find that the first pump did not take cards, then the second pump was out of order…  Not even believing this, I swung my car around really widely to get the pump in between.  As I had my car pointed back towards the one functioning pump I could use, a woman in an SUV pulled in the spot.

Uh…excuse me?

Allow me to show you with a diagram:

After she pulled in, I, of course, honked (politely) and made a gesture towards the pump as in “was going to go there”.  So, of course, she just got out and pretended I was not there.  Then I lowered my window (ever notice that we all still have the urge to say “rolled down my window”?).  I said (before she started pumping gas), “Excuse me, but I was going there.”

Her reply?  “I didn’t know what you were doing.”

Okay.  That’s fair enough.  My car was at a weird angle.  However, there is one flaw in her logic… I WAS NOW TELLING HER WHAT MY PLAN WAS.  And she still did not move.

So, I said this.  And she argued, “well, you were at a weird angle”, and I said, “that’s because I had to swing wide from the other pump”.  To prove my point I inched my car forward – to demonstrate that had I been allowed to continue, I would have swung into that spot.

She argued again that she did not know that’s where my car was going.  I pointed out to her that I could not finish my maneuver because she got in my way.

At some point, I said something flippant like, “that’s very nice of you to take my spot”.

Instead of just admitting she was a total doucheguzzler, this is what she did:

She put the gas pump in her SUV for all of 30 seconds, pulled it back out, looked at the pump quizzically, muttered that she did not think it was working anyway, and then hightailed it out of the gas station completely.

I pulled in.  Pump worked just fine.


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  1. That rocked!

  2. colleen

     /  January 11, 2011

    That was GOOD! Ha!

  3. Thanks for good laugh!!!! Thought it was well written. Love

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