Have some crazy with your workout

I got up at 5:30am today to go to the gym.

I.  Got.  Up.  At.  5:30.  To.  Go.  To.  The.  Gym.

It’s amazing enough that my alarm went off and I responded to it.  Even more so that I got out of my bed.  So, it is nothing less than miraculous that I got dressed, walked out into the freezing still-dark morning, and drove to the gym.  At each point in the process, I kept thinking “I could stop this madness right now.”

But I didn’t.

And how nice it was to be at the gym without being surrounded by 2,000 other people.

And so, feeling this way, it was no surprise to me that someone got on a treadmill RIGHT NEXT TO ME.  There were 75 other empty treadmills.  Treadmills as far as the eye can see.  A sea of treadmills.   Treadmills F  O  R  E  V  E  R.

But he hopped on next to me.  Yup.  It totally ruined my enjoyment of Salt-n-Pepa on my iPod shuffle.  “Here we go…here we go…here we go again.  What’s my weakness?  Men!”

At first I did not know if it was a man or a woman.  I was dutifully practicing the gym ettiquette of “eyes straight ahead”.  My peripheral vision is pretty good actually, so I DID notice that this person was wearing a turtleneck.

A turtleneck.


Okay, I am no gym rat or anything and lord knows it’s been ages since I exercised at all, but… never in my wildest dreams would I hunt for workout clothes in my closet and chance upon a turtleneck and say “yesssssssss….got it!”.

I started instantly being judgy.  Who is this drone wearing a turtleneck in the gym?  I bet it’s dirty…it looks dirty.  Why is this person right next to me?

It didn’t help that Turtlenecker kept looking over at my treadmill display.  YES, MY HEART RATE IS AT 144 – SO WHAT??

By the way, treadmill lurker turned out to be a dude.  I looked after I got off the treadmill and grabbed my jacket.  Note:  I never once turned my head towards him while I was still on the treadmill – I have gym etiquette down pat!

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  1. colleen

     /  January 4, 2011

    My husband would wear turtlenecks in August while riding horses. Maybe this guy was from the south.

    • That made me laugh… out loud… for real… “My husband would wear turtlenecks in August while riding horses.”
      That’s awesome.


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