Sleep Tight

I had my sleep studied about a week ago. Turns out there was not much going on. So, hey… I snore JUST BECAUSE.
Here’s a photo of me with the attachments to my head:

And I am also making duckface. SHUT UP. SO WHAT??

Anyway, after what you see in this photo was done (and you can’t see the attachments on my legs, hip, and shoulders), Walt (my Lilliputian sleep study guy) put me to bed with a band around my chest, a band around my waist, a clip on my finger, and tubes in my nostrils. And he hooked me up to a machine.

The next morning, I had to fill out a questionnaire on my sleep quality, and was asked this question:
If you did not sleep well, what do you think was the reason for this?

I’m gonna say it’s because I was not on my 400 thread count sheets.

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