Melinda Monday! Chicken Stock

So, I decided to make Mondays topic specific blog days.  My friend Melinda is going to give me a random topic each week.  My job is to write a blog about it.  (Here is where my random trivia knowledge and pure lack of social life come into their own.)

And, by the way, this started because Melinda made fun of me for having an opinion/story/something to say about everything.  We made a game of trying to come up with a topic that I did not have a response to, and IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.

This week’s topic: chicken stock.

Interestingly enough, I have a box of chicken BROTH in my fridge right now.  But that is not the same thing.  OH NO.  Broth comes from boiling down meat.  STOCK comes from boiling down inedible bits.  Don’t you just love that??  Stock is a little thicker too because collagen from the cartiledge is dispersed into the water….and voila! you have fatty soup.

Let me say that again…..collagen from the CARTILEDGE IN THE BONES….

Yeah, it’s a little creepy.  And yet, oh so tasty.  But creepy.  Ick.  But it is the ultimate in using every part of an animal.  And back in the day when you ate chickens because they ran around your farm and they were handy, using every part of an animal was very important.  (Now I wanna know…did they use the head?  The beak?  hmmmm)  I am sure using the cartiledge (ick!) of an animal was born out of necessity.  Someone figured out that you could use those little chicken bones to make soup!  And folks still do that today – only it’s not so much out of necessity as it is out of a sense of pride – “See that?  I did not waste one part of that doggone chicken!”

Nowadays you don’t need to boil down that cartiledge (ick!)!  You have chicken BROTH – that comes in a BOX.  Can you even imagine what someone back in the day would have thought? (I keep using this phrase and I am not quite sure when “back in the day” really is…assume I mean a time when people had no money and needed to grow their own produce….ok, ok…that could mean 2010 is “back in the day”, but for the purposes of this blog, also assume I mean “long ago”.)  I bet someone back in the day would have thought broth in a box was a godsend because then she or he (really it’s ‘she’…who are we kidding?) would not have to slave over a boiling pot.  And wouldn’t that be nice to only have to pluck the chicken and cook the meat and not have to worry about the damn bones?

So, it’s amusing to me that in the present we like to boil down that cartiledge (ick!) because it makes us feel like we have done a good thing – we have cooked something from scratch!  There’s also an element in “today’s day and age” (assume I mean the opposite of “back in the day”) of not wanting to waste things.  We reduce, reuse, and recycle…and would never waste the bones of a chicken!  Or its cartiledge  (ick!).  We will not starve if we don’t boil down our chicken bones.  We would, however, look way less self-sufficient and savvy if we didn’t (traits that were less important “back in the day”, but happened spontaneously anyway).

Me…I am less self-sufficient and savvy.  I don’t boil down chicken bones.  Or cartiledge (ick!).  And if I ever make soup, it’s typically because Campbell’s helped me out with it.  But I wholeheartedly appreciate when other people do it.  And it tastes great.  And as long as I never get an inedible bit in my soup, I’m good.

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