Should I WEIGH in on this? (Get it? Get it?)

So, there’s a big hubbabaloo on the interwebs right now around this Marie Claire article via Maura Kelly’s blog.  Read the article, it’s a doozy.  But in summary, Kelly totally sticks it to fat people everywhere.  She even states that they make her sick or something.

Of course I have an opinion on this.  It might not be what you think though.  Not completely.

First of all, the content of her blog article was horrific.  Kelly starts by critiquing a TV show (Mike & Molly) that I have to say does not deserve great shakes right now.  I mean, the show centers on an overweight couple – AND THAT IS THE FOCUS OF THE SHOW: THEY ARE FAT.  How terribly…. provincial.  I mean, didn’t we stop using lame OBVIOUS jokes on TV??  No?  Oh, ok.

Anyway, Mike & Molly was offensive to me because it was not funny.  Bo-ring.  They make obvious jokes about being fat and …that’s it.  Though, I watched it this past week when Mike & Molly DO IT for the first time (Kelly must be cringing) and I found the ‘next morning’ dialog to be endearing.  Not wanting to drop a deuce where your new lover might hear you is a very real concern.  But I digress…

Kelly’s blog devolves into a diatribe on our obesity problem in America.  I’ve seen some responses to her that stated that, although her article was ignorant and offensive, someone should address this nationwide problem.  That may be true.  But it sure as shit should not be some hack writer on a Marie Claire blog.  Maybe the surgeon general…?  Dunno.

Anyway, her article kicked up a shitstorm of the highest order.  I mean SHIT STORM.  Check out all of Maura Kelly’s other social media channels and you’ll see what I mean.  That girl is gonna be cleaning the poop off her skirt for a long time.

But here’s my issue.  Here’s where I think she went wrong.  Yes, her writing sucked.  Yes, she was horribly off-track with her target audience.  But then…she….APOLOGIZED.  She apologized and she sucked at it, to be honest.  But, I mean…she went out there and said some pretty edgy stuff and…and…did not even have the cajones to stand by it!

I read the article.  And I was like, “wow, this girl is a jackass”.  Then I read the apology.  And I was like, “this girl is a spineless jackass”.

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