Say it already…

Ok, so it is mystifying to me how, at the age of almost forty, I still occasionally get zits. Not pimples, blemishes. Zits.
Zits that start way down deep at some crazy low subcutaneous level. Zits that have their own heartbeat, zip code, and keep me awake at night with their parties.
And there’s this WAY I have to deal with them. For the first 24-48 hours, NO TOUCHING. Then, I can consider evicting it – but carefully. Like I am dealing with a volatile drunk tenant who might throw up on me.  Ugh. Ok, I am even weirding myself out.

But this complete takeover of my face is not the worst part. The worst part is when I must be in a work setting…say, a meeting…accompanied by my unwanted companion.
My unbelievably noticeable companion. And I see people’s eyes dart to my zit and then back to my eyes. Look at my zit. Look at my eyes. My zit. My eyes. Zit. Eyes.
Although I am sure there is some doubt in their mind that it is, in fact, a zit (I mean, who in their late 30’s gets zits??), I can’t help but feel like yelling:

I think I’d feel better if someone said something. I don’t know how a co-worker would broach this but…I’d rather have someone say “what’s that thing on your face cuz I think it winked at me” than just STARE at it. Warren is self-conscious enough as it is.

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  1. Colleen

     /  October 29, 2010

    This started my day with a good laugh! My husband is 40 ‘something.’ He can never remember his real age and I’m too lazy to do the math. Anyway, he gets zits based on his diet. If he eats a lot of red meat and other fatty foods one week, zits all over his face. If I’ve done the shopping and he’s stuck eating tofurky and marinated tempeh for the week, NO ZITS FOR HIM! I actually find this disappointing because I like to pop them.

    So you would think I’d be the skinny one and he’d be the fat one right? Oh, the injustice!


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